Brand identity, full platform design & content

Cult is a global creative network, with members based around the world. Cult’s current main project is a website devoted to world culture. We Communicate created the Cult brand identity, designed the global website and produced branding for Cult’s 1,000+ social media pages. We also work with Cult on an ongoing basis on promotional strategy, communications and website content.

Dynamic brand identity

The Cult brand needed to reflect both the diversity and interconnectedness of the network, as well as being extensible enough to be able to accommodate future Cult projects that may need a separate logo. To achieve this, we based the Cult brand around the four-dimensional geometrical figure known as a “hypercube”. When rendered as a 2D image, the hypercube is a good symbolic approximation of a global network. Its four dimensions reflect the many dimensions of world culture that the Cult network seeks to promote.

Tesseract Brand

We created the characters of the Cult logo by filling the spaces within the hypercube, as above. This facilitates easy future extension of the brand, as the same method can be used to create a range of logos (or an entire typeface) while maintaining consistency in the visual identity.

In order to represent the diversity of the Cult network and provide a solid visual structure for the website design, we used the full colour spectrum as part of the Cult brand. Each of the 196 countries in the world is allocated a colour, which is used as a highlight in the logo and throughout the country’s webpages. The hypercube stencil can also be used with a photographic overlay, while retaining a clear Cult identity.


Responsive website

The Cult global website structures content primarily around the 196 countries and 10 categories. It accommodates hundreds of correspondents with editing permissions restricted to their own country, and allows users to follow via hundreds of mailing lists and social media channels.

Countries are distinguished by colour, name, flag and header image. This creates a colourful and lively website that maintains good design coherence while maintaining each country’s unique identity.

Each country page displays both static data about that country, such as population and currency, as well dynamic data pulled from web APIs, such as the current time and weather, distance from user etc. Countries can be sorted according to this information to provide different ways of browsing. A navigable Google Map is also displayed showing the country’s location.

Cult Data