Visual identity & website design

Explore Time is a private kindergarten in Suzhou, China, that combines English learning with music and creative arts. We helped them to create a bilingual brand that would convey the essence of the school primarily Chinese parents, while being flexible enough so that this newly opened school could change the emphasis of the curriculum to suit their needs.

Visual identity


The visual identity consists of three logos, designed to give maximum flexibility to the school. The Chinese name ‘英乐’ means both English and happiness/music, so we placed emphasis on these characters in all logos to clearly convey the nature of the school to Chinese parents. The primary colours and simple ‘building block’ shape appeal to young kids, make it clear who the school is aimed at and hint at the more practical nature of the classes.

In the larger logos, the range of activities the school offers are depicted as simple, clear icons, to give a quick burst of information at the first impression, without the need for any more Chinese or English text. The largest ‘Rubix cube’ logo will also resonate with parents whose main focus developing their child’s intelligence.

Bilingual website