Student guide design & editing

Shanghai Maritime University needed a guidebook to supply new foreign students with important information about the university and introduce them to life in China. Supplied with the basic information the university wanted to convey, We Communicate developed the ‘International Student Survival Guide’ concept as an attractive format to engage students.

  • SMUGuide_V3_WEB_cover
  • SMUGuide_V3_WEB
  • SMUGuide_V3_WEB_gettingthere
  • SMUGuide_V3_WEB_gym
  • SMUGuide_V3_WEB_rules

We designed the guide in A5 printed format so it can easily fit in students’ bags, and also created digital formats optimized for online viewing and mobile download. The colour-coded contents also make the guide easily browsable for quick reference.

We edited the copy to ensure that everything was expressed as clearly and concisely as possible for non-native speakers, making use of icons and images where possible.